Push up bra

The first bra designs have already appeared in ancient Rome. They were created so that women can play sports. However, these bras transformed rapidly in corsets. Corsets replaced the formerly great bras, which probably was not. They have become very popular and ruled the women’s body for four centuries. Today, no longer wear corsets, and as we are just like the lingerie. Corsets have been replaced by push-up bra and it’s still in the eighteenth century. Bras which appeared on the market, made a small revolution. The first designs were not very successful and were made of wire, but much like for women. The traditional model of a bra, was compiled after the war, so I created contemporary and very popular bras push-up bra. Today, this kind of bra is worn mostly by women. It is a model of a bra, which is very well enhances a woman’s breasts and, therefore, is so often purchased. Most push-up bra are bought by women who have small breasts. They can also be raised or larger when they apply silicone cushions. Today is undoubtedly the most popular bra worn by women.
Since the invention of the bra was a lot of models, and he looks like a bra stood almost a year. The contemporary shape of a bra, which is visible in lingerie shops, formed immediately after the war. Today, the shape of a bra is produced in different patterns. The lingerie shops you can buy bras padded, soft, or push-up bra. Each has different properties and other uses. As it turns out, most women choose to push-up bra. These are bras which are designed to uplift, which they seem to be even greater. Very common push-up bra are also inserts in silicone, which can visually enhance a woman’s breasts. However, these bras are not as good for women’s health. Long and frequent wearing, can significantly deform the female breast. But this is not terrible for women, because it is still the most frequently purchased by a bra. Very popular are the soft type of sports bra for active women, bras are the best choice. Very well, they hold the woman’s breasts, flattening them slightly. Therefore, these bras are best suited for sport. Apart from the different bras can also buy a bra with different cups.


The latest collection of basic tights Gatta autumn-winter 2010/2011 we will find the latest trends with the classics, so much present in the new season. We refer to the 90s in the form and nature of the outfit, which emphasized a strong femininity.

Does this mean that the upcoming season tights just going to happen? Much less than in the spring but this time the presence of the pattern on the surface of the tights is very sophisticated and concrete.

Base and one of the major colors of the season is gray, her background emerge the other colors to form compositions.

Key trends this autumn, geometric patterns and floral motifs, as well as the animal that will be worn as a whole. Azura elegant jacquards and occurs primarily in black. A new feature is a futuristic sheen on gray trendy (Thandie Gatta). New in the collection are leggings with buckle, which are reminiscent of the 60s

An alternative to the fashion will be collection of minimalist Gatta Galleria Fantasia
Carrie Ann Gatta line geometry in a strong frame that will be able to create compositions with the outfit. For the geometry in the form of sewing different fabric on the matter. Though the form of pockets, large, square.
Jungle Line Gatta composition of animal motifs particularly in this season takes on a classic character. It is indeed reserved for the elegant costumes straight from the 90s minimalist and androgen.
Collections Gatta Lizzy Ann and Ann Colly inspiration reality that surrounds us when we’re busy and intensely busy. Images combine to overlap one another, vibrate.

Airy, very feminine bolero with hood tied under the bust. Designed for the brave women who want to combine urban chic to sport.

Thermo’s sports socks made from fibers Gatta coolmax is ideal for people who practice winter sports, which has the convenience and functionality. Designed in accordance with the anatomical structure of interest which provides long lasting comfort during use and protects against abrasion. Reinforced toe and heel area, a perfect fit thanks to the construction of a separate right and left foot. High ribbed socks and structure prevents it from moving product.

Flexible, adjacent body in black. Very comfortable, made in seamless technology. Perfect for fitness and gym!

T-shirt Gatta’s long sleeve made with a seamless, two-layer with exceptional thermal properties. Maintains optimal body temperature, providing incredible comfort at low temperatures. Excellent insulation combined with low weight and basis weight of the raw materials works well in high altitudes. Maintains neutral scent.

Swimwear 2011

Trendy above the water.
Fashion for the coming season will abound in interesting solutions, but also not miss the classics. Swimwear 2011 does not limit themselves to one, the most fashionable design. There will be costumes in a variety of typefaces in which every woman can find something suitable for everyone. This season will be dominated by warm, sunny colors. Swimwear 2011 will show more body than the previous season. Fashion will be any kind of cut-outs and inserts a translucent material. Patterns predominate in costumes, bikinis, fashion is still only one part of the decoration of costumes, especially a bra. At the same time new models will be completely unbalanced and decorating just one part of the figs, or a bra. On the beaches, in addition to costumes, to reign will be all kinds of accessories: necklaces, bracelets, and scarves tied at the waist (pareo). For each costume will be able to choose the right jewelry that will emphasize its unique character. Do not forget about the appropriate shoes, which complement the swimwear and determine its comprehensive, coherent and aesthetically pleasing appearance. You can buy beach shoes in shoe shops.

Where to buy cheap swimwear 2011?
In the view of many women really attractive swimwear 2011 is almost automatically very expensive solutions, and their acquisition generates costs that other family members often consider to be unnecessary. Women can, of course, present a number of arguments in support of the said conviction, no doubt, however, that it is not so identical at all the facts, he believes many of them. Swimwear 2011  is available for sale long before the advent of hot summer, and the ladies who want to buy them can count on a number of discounts and rebates. Cheap, yet very fashionable and visually attractive swimsuits are primarily the domain of online shops. Their number is steadily growing and the popularity enjoyed by those selling points among successive groups of customers confirms that we have ever more reason to ensure that the trust of their owners. Competition from existing stores only in the global network makes, moreover, that the shopping malls begin to care about buying ladies swimwear 2011. Stores offer prepared by constituting them is characterized by not only increasing the availability of pricing, but also worth emphasizing diversity.

Not only thin is beautiful - the new trends in fashion beach.
Until recently it was common belief that the world-famous fashion designers are mainly interested in these female population, who do not have problems with maintaining balance. Appearance models confirmed that each gram of fat should be viewed in terms of the unforgivable crime, and those of the ladies that do not resemble the gaunt look of presenters subsequent collections were right to fear that they will always be people are wearing unfashionable and in a manner devoid of taste. Fortunately, fashion designers setting out to new groups of women are starting to change, and collectibles such as swimwear in 2011 confirmed that a woman having a weight problem also can stroll along the beach, proud of their shapes. The recognition that not every woman resembles a gaunt model has been beneficial from the perspective of companies that sell lingerie, swimwear and other parts of a woman’s wardrobe. Women who have learned that they are no longer doomed to mocking gaze of the environment is frequently visited by additional stores, and their newly discovered beauty impresses even those who have recently been granted a right to dress in a fashionable way only women were extremely slim.

Women’s swimwear

This year, for the first time I bought swimwear push-ups. I have not been this confident. I chose a store where women’s swimwear were the majority. The choice was quite difficult. Lots of different models, a large number of designs and colors. Trying on women’s swimwear, one after another. It was hard to decide. Regretted that it took my friend to these purchases or mother. Fortunately, the lady who was selling turned out to be a great adviser. All the swimsuits, which I chose turned out to be a poor choice. The saleswoman suggested I women’s swimwear completely different line. It was a hit. In one of them looked incredible and I felt incredibly. I am happy I bought this dress, there was even an obstacle to that outfit’s pretty much it cost. All my girlfriends envied such attire. The next day, their choice is to shop for women’s swimwear. All returned happy and satisfied. From that time on the beach we will assume only women’s swimwear.

Women’s swimwear is a hit in summer 2011. Not surprisingly, the women in them look stunning. Like not only to themselves but primarily men. Women’s swimwear, expertly tailored to the figure and figures can work wonders. Mask is too wide hips, accentuated waistline and above all, accentuated breasts and visibility. Both the too small and it is too large. Elect the majority of them women, both those that plague some complexes as well as those who do not have any complexes. It is worth noting that women’s swimwear is suitable for women of all ages. Due to the different needs of women, different tastes, there is a large selection of costumes. We can choose among many models, styles and colors and patterns. Large selection makes the minimum probability of meeting a woman in the same outfit. Women like it when their women’s swimwear is special and unique. However, they do not feel in situations where what they’re wearing insight with another woman.

Holidays are approaching full swing! If you want to keep up with the latest trends, now see what is worth your attention and become the hottest queen of the beach in a bikini. Surely you should pay attention to swimwear? Both on a tropical beach, as well as on our sea, above all, want to look good. Swimwear have a great advantage over the classic - your great attribute, expose breasts like no other. With most models hitowych chose two, which certainly will not be unnoticed. First, whites and blacks.

A classic combination, once again catwalks of designers. Contrasting swimwear push up will encourage you, if you want to divert attention from a number of extracurricular pounds. Contrasts greatly enhances your beauty and give you clarity. You can choose from dozens of color options for billing, but black is always a white banker, a classic is to himself that adds chic and class. Another clear trend is a harsh climate. In this year combined with glamorous jewelry is a brick hit. Swimwear in rock’n’roll, nonchalant release will make not only men will not be able eyes off you.